Invisible Artists
Brand Motion Design



Invisible Artists is a boutique agency producing high-end films, animations and videos. We create native content, digital campaigns, online destinations and innovative experiences to drive consumer engagement and awareness.

We understand how to beautifully design, elegantly craft and pragmatically execute content that delivers emotional, desirable and humorous connections between brands and consumers.


how we can help

We are flexible, creative and collaborative. Our model is to provide a one-stop shop for strategic, creative and production management. 

We can take on any job, large or small.  And we can manage any segment of the production process or the entire process from start to finish. 

All of our resources are in-house providing the depth of a large agency merged with the agility of a small production team. This means clients are in control of content production as messages are not lost in multiple layers of changing teams.

We are good listeners. We understand your needs, offer input when required, and add value to run with a project.

our services 

- Creative Development
- Production Management
- Design and Animation
- Filming and Production
- Post-production for Editing and Sound
- Talent Casting
- Broadcast and Distribution


we're different because

- Of our Talent
- We are a One-Stop Shop
- Of our Client Understanding
- We are Global
- Of our Awesome Clients


recent and relevant work