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When something truly inspirational is created, a craftsman's touch shouldn't go unnoticed, the effort seamless, becoming all about the work.

Invisible Artists are talented and driven individuals that create amazing visual narrative around the globe. Compelling, different and share-worthy native content, digital destinations and innovative experiences to drive brand awareness.

We have the experience and knowledge to know how to beautifully design, elegantly craft and pragmatically execute our work with emotion, desire and humour.


We are a help desk first and foremost and keep the values of nice, good and fair helping to make all decisions.


To be one of the largest and acclaimed global creative content production companies.



Audio Network require a new video content supplier that can deliver on not just execution and delivery but strategy and creative.

Audio Network wish to be perceived as one of the world’s most exciting and innovative music companies. 

Shifting historic perception of being a reliable and affordable provider of quality production music for TV and advertising to a global music company that liberates incredible music for filmmakers and content creators.

Connecting with our customers on an emotional and personal level instead of a rational, business one.

Vision Statement

Crafting world-class, authentic and inspiring music that is accessible to filmmakers everywhere

Through our people, independent spirit and technology we aspire to be the no.1 music company, the first choice for music. We are committed to delivering real music and inspirational content to clients and music fans alike, unleashing creativity and liberating them from the mundane. We want to be the most important partner for both new and established composers and authentic artists. In doing so, we will always do the right thing for our customers, our composers and our people.







IA to approach our friend and filmic collaborator Philip Bloom to host a short film competition.

Philip Bloom - Avg. 10,000 views per YouTube video and has a following of over 140,000 on Facebook across the the world. He represents the archetype of consumer meets professional film making. His tips inspire hundreds of thousands and he has built a non-stop influencer network in the online film-making social space.


A call for directors to send in audition reels for the festival is sent out via social media, UK colleges/film schools and PR, highlighting the competitive element to the festival, with the winning director awarded £2,000 and a lifetime's subscription to the Audio Network online music library. The runners-up will each win a year's Audio Network subscription.

This is an opportunity a young director could only dream of and will help convert them to AN advocates for life.

The process starts with Philip Bloom visiting an AN studio and shortlists SIX of the best young film directors and give each of them the task to create a short film for the festival.  We would film the process and could weave a little X Factor into it, throwing some terrible reels in and capturing Philip's reactions. Through this process we also pin-point 6 understudy filmmakers to build our B-Roll content for social use.

We then pick a date, grab some rental gear and utilise a space inside a prestigious London location, a warehouse, hotel or restaurant (we will access these through partnerships at zero hire cost)

Directors are each given 24 hours to devise, produce, edit and complete the film. Post will be completed at IA's London studio.

Based around the theme ‘Music Liberated’

Philip would judge the final six films at another AN studio, this would be filmed by the understudy directors. The finished films will have been posted on Facebook and the likes/comments will help Philip reach his decision. This would expand the social sharing exponentially as the six directors will push their films to their wider networks to maximise the likes/comments.

IA would ensure that all key features of the AN online product and extensive library will be contained in a very 'natural' editing process so it does not feel at all paid for.

We could call it SixJam (or similar). Vimeo Short Films gives a good feel for the approach it might develop into.

IA has worked with Netflix, PS4 and P&G to provide shareable content in the past and we feel we can manage the process to engage an audience connecting a brand with consumers through influencers.


Some great examples of shareable content are below.


Philip Bloom: a lifetime's subscription to Audio Network
or £2,000 plus 1-2 year's subscription

Prize fund: £2,000

Post production allowance: £2,000

Contingency for expenses: £1,000

IA concept, planning and management fees: £8,000

Philip Bloom cost - £TBC

TOTAL: £13,000 - £15,000







for the opportunity to lay out some ideas and we welcome our next chat.

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Andrew Wadsworth - Managing Partner (+44 7775 562722)



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