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In partnership with Volvo Sydney Dealership, IA Sydney shot the film to visually match Volvo’s international work while still making it uniquely Australian. Directed by Sebastien Guy and shot by DOP Mike Perry, the spot showcases a different type of beautiful Australian landscape rarely seen in commercials. And for once on a shoot, the moody mist & rain was welcomed!  

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We highlighted interviews that were captured with the artists to walk the audience through working details of the device. Given the online nature of Samsung’s target audience, approaching the project in this way enabled the audience to engage with so they could adequately test the device themselves.

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Camera giant Canon announced the release of a fleet of new devices including the EOS 760D, EOS 750D and the Connect Station CS100. Canon made the decision to advertise through a multi platform campaign across South East Asia utilising both print and video.

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Invisible Artists created six 15 second action-packed info-animations for GE based on the brief we received. GE provided us with an array of facts about their operations in Australia. We chose the strongest 6 facts and turned each of them into 15 second scripts. Following this we designed and conceived the 3D world & device.

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