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Camera giant Canon announced the release of a fleet of new devices including the EOS 760D, EOS 750D and the Connect Station CS100. Canon made the decision to advertise through a multi platform campaign across South East Asia utilising both print and video.
Invisible Artists were approached by an agency in Singapore who had come across one of our showreels. Upon seeing this IA were put forward to Canon to take on this project.



A big campaign that covered many regions and logistics, IA was able to cost effectively deliver from helping out with script ideas to production and post-production. We created a visually appealing, high end film that helped demonstrate the different uses of the new Canon cameras. Showing a variety of scenarios in which the camera could be used was a key aspect of this campaign and ultimately helped showcase the quality and flexibility of the new products that were being released. Highlighting the rock climber demonstrated the ease in which the camera could be operated whilst performing a highly intense sport. The skateboarding scene allowed us to highlight the camera’s ability to shoot in darkness as well as its effectiveness when capturing fast moving objects.