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Sydney Opera House – Game of Thrones



In this project Invisible Artists were privileged to work with two amazing brands, the iconic Sydney Opera House and HBO’s award winning Game of Thrones.

In 2013, the Game of Thrones best-selling author George R.R. Martin and Emmy award-winning actor Peter Dinklage toured several cities in Australia to give one-night performances to provide glimpses into Martin’s imagination and unveil his future aspirations for the series, with Peter Dinklage explaining the series’ transformation from page to screen.  

The Sydney Opera House was to host the Game of Thrones performance and approached Invisible Artists with a simple yet challenging brief: To fill their main Concert Hall for the performance.  

Sydney Opera House was one of Invisible Artist’s founding clients and we understood the brand thoroughly.  The Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most significant building and has held a central position in Australia’s identity since it opened in 1973.  We enjoyed the strong relationship we held and it was essential to provide a solution for them within a number of constraints that they had.



The challenge with this project was further complicated by the fact our client had not been apportioned any budget to market this event and time frames were extremely tight.  Sydney Opera House had no media assets to give us and no budget, only a voiceover that they could give us approval to use.

Given the constraints, our solution was to put the Opera House into the Game of Thrones environment.  We shot footage of the Opera House and our editing and 3D team worked to create a winter environment that emulated that of the Game of Thrones.  



Sydney Opera House distributed our work through social media channels, resulting in every seat being sold within 2 hours and multiple online media outlets driving the story.