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General Electric are the largest home appliance company in the world. They have incredible stats to back up this statement, but didn’t have an effective way of getting their messaging out. GE’s operation in Australia wanted to highlight the facts and as such, commissioned a project through MCN Multiply to display these facts in an ‘easy to grasp’ way. Invisible Artists highlighted the key facts that GE wanted about their operations in Australia.


What did we do?

Invisible Artists created six 15 second action-packed info-animations for GE based on the brief we received. GE provided us with an array of facts about their operations in Australia. We chose the strongest 6 facts and turned each of them into 15 second scripts. Following this we designed and conceived the 3D world & device.

We fully designed and built the 3D world and device in house. These spots gave us a chance to really push our aesthetic as we conveyed a diverse range of 'did you know?' moments about GE and what they are doing in Australia today. With a continuous rollout and transcontinental sign-off we developed an innovative compositing workflow in order to create the intricacies of these graphical 3D worlds.

All of this, plus immersive sound design and a spot-on stylistic finish gave us a result that GE we very pleased with.