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Samsung continue to take giant leaps in technology with innovative new releases that surpass many of their competitors. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a fantastic example of a product that has significantly more to it than meets the eye. Users of the product loved the Galaxy Note 2, so naturally Samsung endeavoured to explore ways in which they could strengthen consumer advocacy. This was achieved by using Samsung advocates to engage new audiences. These individuals beautifully brought to life the entirety of the products creative potential. Invisible Artists were commissioned to create a compelling film that would engage and excite new audiences yet to be exposed to the full creative impact of Samsung’s Note 2.



Taking creative lead on this project, we selected and located three of Australia’s top young artists. Once sourced, the artists were commissioned to create exclusive artwork using only the Galaxy Note 2. We then began creating video content showcasing the artist’s progress and journey using the product.


We highlighted interviews that were captured with the artists to walk the audience through working details of the device. Given the online nature of Samsung’s target audience, approaching the project in this way enabled the audience to engage with so they could adequately test the device themselves.



The artworks from this project was displayed on 1,000 billboards across Australia, all with QR codes to enable audiences to connect in and watch the films. Content was also utilised online, across all social media channels to generate awareness, excitement and buzz for the Note 2. The campaign resulted in 30,549 people trying the virtual device on