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Sydney Bridge Climb

Our Client

The brainchild of Sydney businessman Paul Cave, this unique local experience opened to the public in 1998 following 9 years of evaluation, lobbying, securing permissions and establishing impeccable safety processes and credentials.  Over 3 million local and international visitors have now climbed the bridge. As part of their marketing programme, BridgeClimb had a number of factual videos that highlighted the abundance of statistics relating to its scale and construction.  However they were not getting the views that they needed and approached Invisible Artists for potential solutions.


Our Response

Invisible Artists spent time with BridgeClimb understanding the product and their overall marketing objectives and identified that the emotional appeal of the attraction needed to be central to the approach and that they needed video content that would portray this emotional journey to show potential climbers exactly how great the experience can be.

The resulting film that Invisible Artists scripted, produced and directed provided cinematographic quality to highlight the grandeur of a day that people will never forget.  It captures the anticipation, the scale of the bridge, the excitement of the preparations and the changing beauty of the Sydney skyline, bringing to life the attraction itself. This work was then pushed through the client’s Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as placed prominently on the homepage of their website.



The resulting video saw an increase in online views of over 1000% compared to views of the clients existing videos.