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Brand Motion Design
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Content Work



Invisible Artists create socially led brand videos and animation to drive consumer engagement and awareness.

Our team is made up of talented and driven individuals that create amazing visual narrative through film, design and code.

Content is mobile and more intimate than ever before. We understand how to beautifully design, elegantly craft and pragmatically execute content that delivers emotional, desirable and humorous connections between brands and consumers. 



We are flexible, creative, and collaborative.

We work under two structures; the first is a start to end creative shop while the other is more of a production partner for agencies, executing their creative to best suit the client. 



We invited 3 illustrators to create an exclusive artwork using only the Samsung GALAXY. Meet Chrissy Lau and learn how the beautiful and intricate details of her artwork were created. Be creative. Discover the new Samsung GALAXY Note II now.

Visit London tasked Invisible Artists to come up with a video series around How to do London. We executed this series from start to finish - concepts, production, post-production and used real life London YouTube Creators as the main talent to maximise reach for a combined 300K view. 

This 2-part series for Zurich Insurance used a cinematic and high end feel in a micro-documentary and piece to camera style to tell the stories of young families who are at the important milestones of buying a first home and starting a family.




MICROSOFT                                                         MOMENTO

ASTRAZENECA                                                          DBS BANK    





The totally original Sherlock story builds across ten cases and one central mystery. Assisted by video, voicemail, text and email messages from the main characters, the player helps out Sherlock as a part of his 'Homeless Network' of trusted associates.


HackTrain was Europe's first hackathon on a train. 40 developers, designers and entrepreneurs travelled over 632 miles between 4 cities in one weekend, producing some world class products.



We were given a refreshingly open brief by AMEX to create a platform that encouraged employees to share their own ideas for improving and promoting health in the workplace.

The team created an online health hub, a place where employees submit photos & videos they have created to show how they maintain a healthy work/life balance at AMEX. The interface for employees to share their content takes the shape of an interactive noticeboard style environment and Pinterest-inspired picture wall, showcasing the submissions in an accessible and friendly format.

The site has become a social hub where AMEX engages with its employees and encourages discussion between users on the subject of healthy living at work.


Gatwick Airport required a beautifully designed document to help pitch for a second runway to the Airport Commission, packed with facts that delivered why Gatwick were the first choice against Heathrow, Stansted. The final brochure was slick, professional and delivered all the key information to ensure Gatwick stood up against the competition. 


Case study for the work we did with Land Rover as part of their advocacy and support for equestrian campaign.

The educational content included insight from Yogi Breisner as well as looking into the science, cognitive training and skill behind equestrianism.