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Core Marketing are planning to showcase the new B1 development on Summer Hill Road. They would like to demonstrate how accessible the site is to local transport points, including the Jewellery Quarter train and tram station and Snow Hill train station as well as showcasing the new exterior and notable landmarks around the building.

As well as this, Core are also keen to highlight the interior plans for the development and take the viewer on a journey inside the building.

We’re fortunate enough to have a great team that specialise in mixing animation with live footage and have experience in creating virtual buildings in order to help demonstrate what they will become. We work with a large amount of property developers across the globe and are proud to say it’s one of our strongest areas. 

Drone and Animation Concept

This concept will look at highlighting the accessibility of local transport links for the B1 development. Using Drone footage and animation, we’ll be able to show how easy it is to get to travel points as well as the city centre. Animation will be added to the screen to highlight key information and landmarks. Below are some films that IA have worked on which demonstrate drone footage. There’s also one (internal) video to give you an idea of how we can iliurstate surrounding locations. 

Ballpark Cost: £8k


Projections Through Animation

This concept will look into highlighting the Summer Hill Road development from the interior. Using CGI animation, we will re-create the internal plans for the building and demonstrate what the building will look like with the help from the space plans. 

We specialise in creating high level animation and CGI projections and below are a few films to showcase some of our relevant work. We’ve also included a demonstration video created by our team in Sydney so that you can have a brief look into the process. 

Ballpark Cost: £40k+
This ballpark is based on the example: 

The costings is based on the supplement of the 3D designs of the building interior with existing 3D models, and how stylised these supplements are. The more real life the CGI the more the scale of this job increases, we need to understand the amount of rooms you would like to show off in this animation and how many 3D fly throughs you will want keeping in mind that the duration of this production has been set at 1 minute 45 seconds. 


Thank you

Please contact Sam Marchant to discuss the concept further:
07528 526 510