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6. FB - Quotation

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Facebook – How the World Watches



Replicate the supplied How the World Watches video for three global markets in the APAC, EMEA and Latin America regions to showcase new ways people consume, create and interact with video in the digital age. Scheduled delivery of these videos are for the end of January 2018.

These videos will be filmed and shot with talent from the respective demographics by Invisible Artists on location in countries that would be most suitable for the markets.



We’ll convey the story of How the World Watches with a bold authenticity and vibrant energy. As always, the video reference provided is clear and encompasses the visionary tale of social media. We have created many content videos that needed to be interpreted for local markets with location, talent, design, connectivity and responsiveness of the crew all playing a part in defining a successful multi-region production. For us, all this is a given, and we want to add value for the Facebook brand and create beautifully designed stories.

This quotation is based on filming in one country per region and is inclusive of post-production costs.