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2. FB – Plan

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Facebook – How the World Watches


We plan to film in one country per region that best represents the market. For these videos to be regionally contextual, we will shoot a range of talent and iconic landmarks to establish location and setting. We will operate with a short hand that maximises our ability to capture great footage. We will shoot at multiple locations per country with small form factor equipment. Agility is key as we will only have one day per country. Indoor scenes such as the office, home and car scenes will be filmed in one location/country – Singapore. Shooting these indoor scenes in a controlled environment will allow us to swap talent, dress the sets to emulate various markets more efficiently. Less time travelling from one location to another means more time to capture better performances! Singapore is an ideal location to film these indoor scenes as we have our resources and team based here, enabling us easy access to a diversified pool of talent to work with.

In order to find efficiencies in the production, we propose traveling to all locations with a core 3 person crew: director, DoP and producer. Smart, efficient, flexible, fast. Even more important than speed is consistency.  Uniformity is paramount when shooting internationally, because a holistic view of what's been captured affects the overall output. This approach will give us the ability to maintain a consistent look and feel to all material, and maintain optimal control of the quality of the end product. We will pick up local support crew as required, balancing both cost efficiencies and quality concerns for the best outcome.

In some cases, it may be more practical to use high quality stock footage for standalone shots if it proves more efficient than sourcing talent and locations. We will aim to shoot everything, and only use stock footage as a backup if timelines are restrictive on location.



For the Europe Region, we have selected to film in London as our familiarisation with the city and architecture will give us the advantage to showcase the different textures of Europe. 

Using our regional offices in the APAC region, we plan to send two members of Invisible Artists to work with a local team to film in either Thailand or Hong Kong as these countries are able to demonstrate the culturally rich vibrance of Asia. 



For the Latin American region, Invisible Artists will link up with trusted partners in either Argentina or Brazil to assist with production of the video.


In conclusion, we will create dynamic and compelling videos conveying How the World Watches – told through amazing performances and grand locations.