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Change for Life

H&O want to create a series of games for the Change for Life website, these games will involve an introductory animation with a Disney / Pixar theme which will lead off onto a demonstration on how to play a game. These games are designed to get children to do more physical exercise and in turn be more healthy. 

An example of what the production aim: Follow Link

We are aiming to film 6-8 games in a complete day, this will include a day to set up in a studio and a day to film with talent changing throughout the day. 

We have set aside some directors who have previously worked with children to make this production run smoothly and according to schedule. 


Kim Majkut

Kim Majkut is a director we have a good relationship with, she has previously worked with Nickelodeon and done some great work on a series fro the national art gallery:

If you wish to look at Kim's work further please check our her website:


Lee Kemp

Lee Kemp is another director we work closely with, below is one of his productions that he has done with Co-Operative Childcare Ad:

If you wish to see Lee's work further please do look at his director website:


Danny Cooke

Danny Cooke is another director who has worked on a production that involves children, below is his film which displays 'Hazel Cloud' an art installation by Mike Fletcher.

To see more of Danny's work please click the button below:


Thank you

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