Invisible Artists
Brand Motion Design



Facebook came to us with a challenge… they had an amazing online learning resource, but they needed a way to attract attention to the content. The answer? An animated trailer for each lesson!

Our team wrote, designed, animated and delivered 13 unique motion graphics pieces for Facebook’s free online training course, ‘Learn With Facebook’. With each animation promoting an individual lesson, our work was pivotal in drawing in eyeballs to the site, and helping Facebook achieve their goal of training millions of people around the world in online literacy.


From Creative to Motion

Our internal team took each script consisting of simple text, and carefully planned each visual metaphor and transition across 13 animations. Our process involved a rough pencil stage for concept approvals before moving into a full design storyboard.

Our designs merged two distinct Facebook styles, with a core colour palette and visual identity giving our series a bold look and feel.


Be Fruitful and Multiply

Not only did we deliver 13 animations, we also turned each landscape version into a unique portrait execution, optimised for mobile and vertical displays. Our work wasn’t done though, we then converted the original set of English animations into a range of other languages including Spanish, Portugese, Italian and Polish… jak się masz!


Contextual and Engaging

Our animated content on the Learn With Facebook site is front and centre, providing a fun and eye-catching introduction to each lesson. With the course focused on a range of educational topics, our work is instrumental in serving as a entry point for time-poor people, who are greeted with engaging video teasers to capture their attention.