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The basic principle of design is to seek and build experiences that will surprise and engage users. Though it is a visual journey, it is not as simple as making something look pretty or ornate. It is about understanding user requirements and crafting a visual solution for them.

Structure, form, process and a unique look is ultimately how we at Invisible Artists look at a problem and solve it. The industry is currently cluttered with all sorts of looks – everything ranging from flat design to skeuomorphism, from minimalist to complex and advanced displays. What is the suitable visual experience? Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ answer. 

Though customisation can be time consuming, we believe the reward from our extra level of attention and detail far outweighs the standard template design many graphic companies try to push. Many would understand this as the human touch. 

Edwin KUA - Senior Art Director, SYD

At Invisible Artists, we also think of being bold, graphic and intentional. If our clients have something to say, we help them say it – loud and clear. This should not be mistaken for showing everything in bold uppercased letters and shouting information at the audience, after all the quickest way to being boring is to say everything. We use hierarchy, meaning and focus to highlight communication and this is an integral part of how the Invisible Artists design team works. It is an art of it’s own right. Once again, the human touch.

A true design team that will work for you is a team that will listen, understand and work towards your goal. We have the expertise, pleasant attitudes and evidence of industry, now all we need is your insight to your business to design something really great, together.

- Edwin Kua, Senior Art Director, SYD