Invisible Artists
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IA Manifesto - 2020 Vision

Film editing is often referred to as the “invisible art” because when it is well-practiced, the viewer can become so engaged that he or she is not even aware of the editor’s work.



The best way Invisible Artists perform is with clients and suppliers that keep the same values as us.

We are all nice, good and fair. That's how we decide what to do, who to work with and they help us grow the business.
Originally from a desk and laptop to now over 30+ people worldwide in 4 continents within 3 years.

Our mission is to be keep it simple, be different and dream big.

IA became global as a happy consequence of clients requiring our services in different territories and our staff's desire to travel.

We consistently deliver high-end visual narrative for agency partners Edelman, We Are Social, DDB, PHD, iProspect, BWM Dentsu and direct to clients Facebook, Sydney Opera House, Dan Murphy's, Kimberly Clark, Virgin and some of the worlds largest banks and telcos.

Independent owner/operated offices (shops we call them) tailor global brand messages to local audiences with consistent, resonant creative through the correct medium required.




Invisible Artists Global will become a market leader in content creation by 2020. 

With digital ad spend now greater than traditional, IA is well placed to provide 3 key elements of digital content into 2020.

  • Near real-time global production capability through our network
  • Software: IA has designed and built a workflow database allowing 24-hour production solutions  
  • Cloud based filming, editing and animation solutions 



We create socially lead visual content. We have the experience and knowledge to beautifully design, elegantly craft and pragmatically execute our work with emotion, desire and humour.

Our speed of creative service and ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality is what each market desires. 

IA is truly global, we communicate and share workload between territories, so hard costs are reduced and timelines are shortened.
Our different marketplaces help stem the highs and lows of seasonal workload.

As video becomes more and more part of our lives, a company that can keep a global consistency, yet locally tailored approach, means brands have an all-in-one solution for visual narrative.

IA’s greatest opportunity is to be recognised as a truly globally connect business running localised social and digital content for brands.


For IA to realise its full potential Investment options are being sought. Growth into new territories is on the IA agenda and being aligned to a larger entity is part of our future plan.


Company Details

Invisible Artists Global (Holdings)
Invisible Artists London Ltd (London)
Invisible Artists Pty Ltd (Sydney)
Invisible Artists Pte Ltd (Singapore) 


Dan Day: Global CEO
Alex Watson: MD London
Damien Whitney: MD Sydney
Esther Lussier: MD Singapore
Richard Paterson: Finance Director
Darryl Junio: Shanghai Consultant
Todd Wiseman: NYC Consultant
Full Time headcount: 24


Global turnover: £1.1m
Profit Margin: 9-10% to June 2015

2020 Turnover Target: £6-10M
Profit margin aim: 20-25%