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10-4, good buddy

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What makes a viral video virtually compulsive viewing are a few vital ingredients; it should provoke an out-loud reaction, and lead to the kind of debate that leaves office water coolers empty. We think these beautifully shot, budget heavy, high finish spots from Volvo tick all the boxes and then some. Featuring a truly varied cast from the President of Volvo trucks to Charlie the hamster and an amazing guest appearance by The Muscles from Brussels himself, each piece centres around a truly fantastic stunt executed in the most outlandish way possible that demonstrates a single feature of Europe’s favourite big-rigs.

The debate? Well, check out the video showing a truck suspended from it's towbar over Gothenburg harbour and decide if it's real or fake. Some people see poorly painted out wires and incorrect shadows everywhere, but for me the greatness of the campaign (with a little short of 19million views over 13 videos so far) relies on the simple fact that it must be real – and remember if you can't trust a Scandinavian then who can you trust?

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