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On average, 300 people will be diagnosed with melanoma every day and more than 1,200 will die from the disease each year. This is why it’s vital to raise awareness of the importance of regular skin health checks.

The ‘Some Spots Can Be Dangerous’ campaign sees Dannii Minogue donning creative body paint in order to give the message that “a leopard can't change its spots, but people’s spots can change”.

Teaming sun protector Invisible Zinc, whose ambassador predecessors include Jade Jagger, and The Melanoma Institute, the campaign aims to spread the word by focusing heavily on the encouragement of social media sharing, by donating $1 to Melanoma Institute with every video share.

Picked up by the Mail Online in the UK, we're at almost 20k views. So what are you waiting for? - with one click you could not only raise awareness but funds towards eradicating the disease forever.

Ready. Steady. Get sharing!