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BMX Bandits

Here's a BMX Bandit that looks slightly different to Nicole Kidman - #originalBWMbandits

We'll be honest, our cycling skills at IA are pretty up there. You should see our founder, Dan riding around the streets of London on a Boris Bike (a funny looking bike that you can hire for the day to get from A to B on the streets of London), it's a brilliant and impressive spectacle but a terrifying experience to try and keep up with him. 

Credit where credit's due though, Kriss Kyle has got some serious moves and has been on a BMX since the age of 10, ripping round his home town of Stranraer, Scotland.

A beautifully produced film by Redbull and Sony Xperia with impressive moves and a great soundtrack. Well worth a the 5 mins view time. Watch it on Redbull TV to avoid the Youtube ads.

Have a great FrIAday everyone!


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