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What if you saw EVERYTHING?

Watching this video might be a seriously novel experience.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see in all directions? No, not like an owl swirling its head or Dan jumping around quickly to see behind him. We mean to see everything, 360 degree vision.

IA London created a 360 degree time-lapse using a special camera called a Theta S 360. We filmed with THE Philip Bloom, a world-renown filmmaker and cinematographer for Lucasfilm, Sky and the BBC. No doubt you'll know him from his films 'How to Start a Revolution', 'Red Tails' and 'Survivors'! Following this we filmed in Hamleys and made sweet, sweet films for Visit London's Christmas campaign #Londonmoments.

The camera captures all-directional footage and stills and produces some absolutely batty footage. Take a look at the video above of Oxford Street in the evening rush hour. Its all for #LondonMoments which documents life in London. You might have seen it on SnapChat recently. 

Viewable in 360 degrees in Chrome, Firefox, iOS and android.

Happy FrIAday! 

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