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Now that we're in the early days of 2016 it's time to look back on 2015 in review. What a year! It was full to the brim of exciting, dazzling opportunities to produce beautiful films. Forgive us the indulgence of a 6 minute collection of work and fun content from last year.

We want to say a massive THANK YOU to all our staff around the world for making all of this possible.

It would all be nothing if it weren't for our wonderful friends inside the clients and agencies. We've worked with Facebook, P&G, Sony, Porsche, VisitLondon, Dan Murphy's, Electrolux, HackTrain, Chester Barrie and Anglo America just to name a few.

2016 forecasts further potential and exciting expansion for IA into new territories. It looks to be a cracking year.
Great to have you with us on the journey.

There's a FriAday change coming also - stay tuned.

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