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Casting the Future

The UK manufacturing industry is booming: From aerospace engineering to Formula 1; energy production to medical technologies, there's a wealth of exciting opportunities to make your mark. The UK manufacturing industry has changed course and is on the up, in fact it’s the strongest it’s been in decades.  

This being said, a growing concern has been the issue of skilled employee shortage within the industry.

This is why we were approached by The Institute of Cast Metals Engineers to create a film that encouraged students to consider a career in cast metal engineering; an industry which basically built the UK. 

This shoot took us from molten lava to Aston Martin V12 engines and Navy submarines. It was an eye opener to say the least as well as an incredible shoot.

We hope you enjoy this film as much as we enjoyed making it! 

Have a happy FrIAday everyone! 

Kiran UppalComment