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Singing in the Lion City

Once upon a time, I think it was a Friday (I'm in love), in a cafe in Little India, 2 people contemplated the future. Pragmatisms and words of wisdom were exchanged. “If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough” and “Don’t stop believing!

1 year later , IA Singapore was born. 2 years after that, here we are: Happy 2nd birthday to us! With our hearts bursting, we needed to express our joy and pride from what's been an adventure of a lifetime and what better way to do this than through a celebratory sing-along (in a soundproof room.)

Despite our varying tones, we sang as one… albeit, mostly out of tune. And one thing on which we definitely can all agree, a team that sing's together, stays together. Here's to 2 more years and then some!

Tonight’s gonna be a good night when you see the video. So don't speak, just sing!

Dan DayComment