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A taste explosion

We've seen plenty of slow-motion beauty pieces over the last couple of years, but this one really does have a different flavour. Director and audiovisual innovator Chris Cairns has cleverly (and in real time) synced rhythmic pyrotechnics with musical notes in this spot for a UK spice brand to create - quite literally - a taste explosion.

With a specially composed score by house and garage pioneer MJ Cole we get to bear witness to more than just a rack full of ingredients sent hurtling sky-high in explosive plumes of colour and texture. It's a great example of practically applied film making; more often than not CGI fakery is used to achieve this kind of complex particle effect.

Knowing it's the result of actual physical reactions adds another layer of beauty to what we see on screen – it's the moving image equivalent of a hearty home cooked meal, and restores a little bit of faith back into the honest craft of moving image.

We're not crying, it's just a little bit of spice in our eye. (No seriously it really hurts. Medic! MEDIC!!)

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