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The roster of fantastic in-house talent at Invisible Artists is truly one of our strengths, and new Senior Art Director Edwin Kua is no exception. Having worked at top agencies Hammond & Thackeray, and BWM as a Top Gun art director for the last ten years, he has produced truly exquisite work for the likes of Telstra, NIB, Astra Zeneca, and Alfa Romeo amongst others. Since joining Invisible Artists he has already been instrumental in maximising the aesthetic across pretty much every job that's passed through our doors. As a top notch designer, illustrator and finishing artist he has a highly conceptual head on his shoulders and we're very excited about what he will continue to do at IA.

Fun Edwin fact: He suffers from Koumpounophobia... a fear of buttons. He is more bothered by plastic than metal, and 4 holes are worse than 2.