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A year of FrIAdays

Singapore Chalkboard Comp

Yay for a whole year of FriAdays! But most of all, thanks for putting up with us. Over the last 52 weeks, 365 days or 8765 hours we sincerely hope you've enjoyed our musings. From the humorous to the knowledgable, and everywhere in between we've tried to give our readers something to enjoy on those Friday afternoons, and judging by the stats a good few of you have been. In today's high distraction world our 21% click-through average is pretty damn good, and with over 3500 mailchimpers on the list that's nearly 1000 of you per week hanging out with IA!

Next week we'll be doing things a little differently as we enter our 'mesh' phase, so watch this space...

In other very exciting news our Singapore office has opened at 46A Club St, Singapore.

In typical IA style we are shouting out from the rooftops with a very Singapore celebration this evening at 5pm in the Gem Bar. There should be more than a few slings consumed...

Photos to follow next week... if we dare!