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Fun, festivities and fascinators - Melbourne Cup 2012!

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On Tuesday the team dusted off our suits, donned our fascinators and made sure all bets were in before heading down to the Carrington Hotel for our first ever Melbourne Cup celebration! We caught up with our friends at ICON and enjoyed champagne, a delicious Spanish menu, more champagne, churros for dessert and then just a touch more champagne as the afternoon progressed.

Coinciding with our Melbourne Cup party was IA’s inaugural IAwards - where staff were presented with awards in categories such as ‘Most Likely to Sleep in’ - presented (to no one’s surprise) to notorious over-sleeper Chris and ‘Most Likely to Succeed at Premiere’ (the winner was Danny). Even Dan himself received a mention - winning the ‘Most Likely to Miss a Deadline’ award.

Last to be presented was the highly anticipated IA ‘Employee of the Year’ award that was awarded to Ingrid for her amazing efforts and dedication to the business this year.

All in all it was an amazing day filled with lots of fun, great food and even a few wins!! Thanks Dan for taking us out and going easy on us the next morning!

IA girls

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Photography by our mate Mike.