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Gimme Shelter

London... ah it's a nitty, gritty sometimes scary place, but we'd hazard a guess that the average high street has never looked quite this apocalyptically unbelievable. With escaped big cats, UFO invasions and a giant grasping tentacle pulling pedestrians into the depths of the earth it can be only one of two things: the end of all days, or the latest piece of outdoor prank-vertising from Pepsi MAX.

It seems that all you need is a hidden camera and a cunningly placed live feed to cause commuter-geddon these days (as if getting the bus up Oxford St in the morning wasn't enough...) Unlike other recent stunts this one has good natured fun at the heart of it's tormenting – the CGI scenes are both imaginative enough and executed with a degree of slickness that they negate any real meanness.

After all, if it makes that endless wait in the cold go a little quicker, most people wouldn't say no to a bit of good old-fashioned B-movie terror!