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Hitting the pitch

Hitting the Pitch Feature Image

It's Chris who must be credited for the final name of Invincible Artists - despite his lack of enthusiasm to play on the field. This is a man who was once convinced soccer games are played with 2 balls if not much is happening. Clearly he has his football knowledge down. The team will be captained by Mike who, at the age of 9, did once play in a team named "Penketh C". The "C" standing for the 3rd and worst division of a very small team.

Dermot will be in the sticks and will be sure to hear the words "Ooo nearly Dermot" and "unlucky mate" repeatedly from the side line.

Brad, not just a formidable force on the wing, but there to give the team that lift and moral support that they truly will need.

Another key player on the team will be Rachel, commanding the midfield and keeping an eye on the big picture.

Danny will stand stern in defence and using his knowledge of shortcuts to get into an upfront position.

And, last but not least, Andy will take the midfield and we are sure he will have a strong impact in this position. Andy is a man who knows 3D shapes better than anyone. When asked about futsal he replied; "a football's a sphere right?"

With this bunch of players, we think you'll agree the name Invincible Artists suits perfectly.

First game next Wednesday.