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It's been a particularly busy couple of months for the IA digital team - the often very 'invisible' artists hard at work on a wide range of exciting projects. Lately, we've completed a pair of projects that we're particularly proud of - both are great examples of the growing potential for innovative digital projects that bring together (and blur the boundaries between) digital and video productions.

Land Rover and Equestrian: The Pursuit of Excellence

Facebook apps have come a long way in just a few short years and have become a great opportunity for brands to extend their connection with their fans while creating experiences that leverage the best aspects of the social networking giant's own ecosystem.

The Land Rover Equestrian app is a slickly-designed microsite that brings a rich media experience right to Land Rover's Facebook fans' doorstep - with all the design and functionality of a standalone campaign microsite, but without the significant drawback of needing to drive traffic to the site.

Land Rover fans can view and share video content (polished and animated by the team at IA) instantly with their friends and to keep up to date with updates from within the app.

Thanks to Land Rover through Mindshare UK for the opportunity to build something really innovative and to take the content we helped create right to their audience.

Faust - The Musical

Created for an upcoming production of a musical retelling of the legend of Faust by AlphaCrucis Arts, this big, bold story needed a big, bold website.

An opportunity to really stretch our legs (and, yes, to even occasionally pull a hamstring), Faust is an experiment in using some truly bleeding-edge web technologies to draw visitors into the lush world envisioned by AlphaCrucis Arts and brought to life by Gina Kiel's incredible illustrations.

Combining parallax scrolling effects, animations, lighting, sounds and music courtesy of the emerging web technologies of HTML5 and CSS3 with story elements from the upcoming production to create a sense of depth and space that hints at the sort of truly rich web experience we can expect to see more of in the future, Faust takes the notion of the "production diary" website and turns it on its head.

Thanks to Stephen Cosgrove and the team at AlphaCrucis Arts, as well as Gina Kiel and Drawing Book Studios.