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We Built This City Blog Featured Image

“We built this city! We built this city on rock and roll! Built this city, we built this city on rock and roll!” Yes, it's the sound of what could be called an off-the shelf viral sensation, a piece of video that is made for instant click gratification and has racked up over 3 million views in just 7 days.

Annoyingly, it's also very very well done and is responsible for Starships's anthem becoming the irritating refrain of choice over in IA towers since last week.

Why is this piece of creative so good? Well, the performance is first rate – the mini-hero perfectly captures every inflection and glammed up lyric from the twist of her lip to the impeccably timed fist pump. The art direction and look of the ad is just spot on, featuring an authentically '85 array of period vehicles and details that all hark back to a simpler, yet more brutal time. Visually it's a treat, the grade sings with a glorious cine tone and you can't fault the CG, giving life to the uber-cute kitty co-star. To top it off there is the hilariously addictive microsite where you can star in your very own version, complete with 80's neon and the obligatory big hair...

It's enough to start doing the truffle shuffle all over again.