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Our very first IA Royal Baby

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The Amazing Sarah Parker is leaving us on August 1st to bring her own Prince or Princess into the world. We're all waiting to find out what colour teddy bears to buy and we hope she doesn't keep us waiting too long on their name! We have already started on the "Welcome Baby Parker" animation design ... just waiting on the colour way!

We are secretly hoping she has a boy and names him Peter so we can roll out the Spiderman animation we have been keeping in our repertoire for just this occasion.

Sarah replaces Sarah

Hot off producing one of the biggest CG projects ever at The Mill in Soho, Johnnie Walker - Bruce Lee, Sarah Cloutier returns to Sydney after eleven years working at some of the coolest studios in London to take the reigns from Sarah Parker as Client Services Director.

Sarah 'smc' Cloutier brings a wealth of experience from a lifetime of working in all areas of media, film, television and advertising.

She enjoyed her time at BSkyB, The Mill, Jim Henson's Creature Shop and Red Bee (to name a few!)

Sarah loves creative collaboration, making glorious food, the Sydney 'winter' and a damn fine cup of tea - all of the above she is welcome to share so expect a call - maybe she will tell you her middle name!