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Switched on Electrolux

Electrolux Blog Featured Image

When we were asked if we could shoot something a bit...steamy we jumped at the opportunity. Especially when it was for Electrolux, an international brand long associated with quality and innovation – two things very close to our hearts over at IA. We got up-close and personal with the new Ultrasteam Precision iron in this, the first of a series of beautifully shot product films. Demonstrating the iron's high-tech functions with the use of bold typography, animated info-graphics and a unique first-person (or rather, 'first-iron') script. Capturing the elegant beauty of such superbly designed products is always a challenge, but with the help of some skilful lighting, slickly framed camera work and the usual Invisible Artistry which has become our trademark, we think the end result is pretty im-press-ive. (Sorry!)