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There have been a few great spots made in the last year that take a stylised low-polygon look and make it their own, (check out Ending Overfishing) but arguably none that work so effectively combining live action with animation as in this latest offering from Adidas and Iris Worldwide to celebrate the 2014 Fifa World Cup. 'Fast or Fail' transplants the Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi into a graphically intense 3D world populated by a cast of sinister slab-faced characters.

Of course, they are no match for Messi's latin footwork; with a steely glare and supersonic skills he leaves them in the virtual dust, ultimately transforming into a very attractive blend of pastel hued fireworks. To really ice the cake there is a cleverly integrated web game to play, offering gamers the chance to prove how fast they are and win a ticket to Brazil.

With a group that includes Spain and the Netherlands, some of the non-Aussies over in IA towers are thinking the only way the Socceroos will stay in South America for the duration is by getting tapping on the keyboard. Just saying.