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‘The Pledge for Mister Bunny'

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Last Sunday, Tropfest was held in the Domain and our freshly-minted Creative Director, Kevin Lim was a finalist in the competition. Now, we are a little biased here in the office, but we think Kev’s video was a winner. It’s called “The Pledge for Mister Bunny” - it’s brilliant (we decided to only surround ourselves with brilliant people.) You can watch it on the Sydney Morning Herald's site here:

The Pledge for Mister Bunny

Above is a lovely photo of Kev (centre) and the team that helped make “The Pledge for Mister Bunny” happen.

Pictured: Producer April Tafe, DOP Aaron McLisky, Writer/Director Kevin Lim, Editor Kent Hau, 1st AD Steven Kirkby, and stars EllaCoco Hammer-McIver and Tom Usher.

Well done Kev! (now get back to work!)

That’s all for now.

Team IA.


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