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It's all about the little things

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This week after work, my car pulled up into the drive and I heard the delighted yell of my youngest daughter shrieking "Daddy". She then ran and hid under her bed and waited for me. I dumped the laptop and tried to rid myself of as many work clothes (other than shorts) as possible in the Sydney March humidity and set off to find her. Pretending, of course, that I didn't know where she or her elder sister were.

The excitement created, when creeping into the room,  I whispered "where are you?" had an ear bursting effect. It's one of the moments I hope I'll always remember about having small kids.

I then had the most wonderful experience chasing after them in the garden for about 15 minutes before bath time. Who needs a gym when you have classic exercises such as- 'you can't catch me Daddy', 'back-flips', 'spinny-roundies' and my favourite a 'somersaulty - roll over'.

I couldn't have predicted only a year ago, that I would be running a business of 15 people . The pace of change and the morphing that naturally takes place every day is staggering. They say that a man starting his own business is the closest experience he will have to giving birth.

In all honesty, I don't think it compares at all.

The business is what it is, it's many things: fulfilling, at times terrifying and overall rewarding.

However family is everything.

And kids just rock.