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With it's familiar glowing letters the OXO tower is a much loved part of London's cityscape, a friendly beacon to the Southbank that many a blurry late night traveller has used as a landmark to point them safely home. To takeover this spot for a marketing stunt is truly a rare occasion, so when Sony replaced the historical neon-lit facade as part of the global launch of the PS4 with the Playstation’s iconic □ ○, ×, and △ it was a real coup for IA London to be asked to document the event.

We captured every stage of the process for this attention-grabbing teaser spot in an intimate blend of super slow motion, and glorious macro-photography; all the better to feed the hype for one of the most hotly-anticipated product launches of 2013.

Since the global unveiling earlier this week the stunt has blown up across the web and media with over 14.3 million impressions made on Twitter within 24 hours and a truly insane level of buzz.

Looks like video games aren’t so anti-social after all...