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We Rocked You!

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Wed 21st Nov was Invisible Artists' first battle of the bands. Our band, the Animals of Description, were the opening act for the night so after a thorough sound check and solid pep talk from Mike it was time to hit the stage.  With Dan and Mike on vocals, Chris on bass and Danny on guitar there was no holding back!

We had a great evening playing alongside the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Heckler and even getting trumped by the winning band from Hallway wasn't enough to dampen our spirits.

The Animals of Description rocked the house out performing 3 different songs including an original track 'My girl's got a boat' co written by the team (film clip should arrive in January and we are hoping to make it in the charts a few weeks after).

With David Spade judging, Ben Affleck (no not the actor) taking photographs and Mike trying to get the audience on-side through the use of swearwords the night was deemed a success.

We'd like to say thanks to our loyal groupies who came to cheer us on and we can't wait for next year!