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One Barangaroo Case Study



Invisible Artists and working the world class agency/client Wordsearch, brought the One Barangaroo story to life with a bold authenticity and vibrant energy that will define the Sydney Skyline for generations.

Told by the key creators of this project – the film unfolds how they were able to achieve something that, at times, seemed almost impossible. To hone in on its origins we wanted to show our creators in their native environment, as well as showing them on site at this iconic landmark. Led by Michael Boswell in a non-stop schedule, we travelled across the globe from New York, Bali, London to Singapore. These locations gave us the opportunity to add sense of scale and dimension to our film, each contributing through its own distinctive character.  

We wanted One Barangaroo to stand out on our Sydney skyline. We wanted to bring the international scale of the project to the forefront to show how the impossible was made possible.





The team traveled to all locations with a core 3 pax crew: director, DoP and producer. Smart, flexible and fast. We operated with a short hand that helped maximise our ability to capture great footage. Even more important than speed and adaptability is consistency across multiple locations. Our approach gave us the ability to maintain a consistent look and feel to all material, and maintain optimal control of the quality of the end product. We picked up local support crew as required, balancing both cost efficiencies and quality concerns for the best outcome. 


It is One Barangaroo that drives this story but, for this film, it is the project’s creators that brought the journey to life on screen. Right from the beginning we wanted these moments to be natural and comfortable. We felt it was important to feel like a conversation than an interview as we were mindful that our subjects are not actors, and may behave unpredictably in front of the camera.  We gave them the latitude to show us their best and were there to guide them to concisely expand on the narrative as required. 


Carved from marble and wrapped in a cloud

Taking the project to another level was Wordsearch's Barrie Seppings creating a preview book among the most expensive and intricate residential sales materials we've produced globally to date: hand-built slipcases, laser-etched marble, imported paper stock, visualisations by FloodSlicer, photography by Lynton Crabb and Louise Hawson



Beyond the incredible location, the exquisite interior design, the stunning landscapes, and the sheer ambition of the building, it is the film that conveys all the above. We created a dynamic and compelling mini documentary, revealing the complex, fascinating story of the creation of One Barangaroo – told by the voices that made it happen. The film conveyed both energy and international flavour, and be an authentic reflection of the passion of its creators and the building itself.