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Invisible Artists create native content, digital campaigns, online destinations and innovative experiences to drive consumer engagement and awareness.

Content is mobile and more intimate than ever before. We understand how to beautifully design, elegantly craft and pragmatically execute content that delivers emotional, desirable and humorous connections between brands and consumers.


Interview Concept

Personal testimonies are an effective way to promote, especially when it comes to health products. Realism is created and backed up by a person's experience which helps the audience to relate.

Below are some examples of our work:


The shorter the better with online productions, the easier and quicker the message is given the more likely the audience is willing to stick around to hear it. 

Invisible Artists believe that pure&Me would highly benefit from 2 - 3 testimonies, from customers that have benefited from pure&Me as well as a testimony from founder Jane Rees. This is a business built on care and good intentions, so we feel a testimony film from Jane would really help the audience connect with the product and would also help create a feeling of transparency within the 

Cost: £2.8k for 2 films

This costing includes two 30 second productions of two people's testimonies. It will include one days filming (two half days) and 2 days editing with 2 days post-production to revise the production. 


Animation Concept

Animations are a great way to show and describe how a product works, especially if the product works inside the body. 

pure&Me have a great product which prides itself on helping people. You've stipulated to us that the product could benefit from an animation that demonstrates in a light hearted way how it works works. With this in mind and based on our previous conversation, we came up with the concept below. 

Please keep in mind colours relating to the new pure&Me website will be taken into consideration when colouring these boards, but this is a broad example based around one concept. 

First of all we will have a human body which the bladder outlined. 

We would then zoom in to reveal the E coli creatures inside the bladder, swimming around like little octopi / jellyfish

The E coli attaches itself to the bladder wall using their tentacles

The E coli tugs at the bladder wall, causing pain

D-Mannose can help

A dotted line showing the path of D-Mannose tablet into the bladder

The E coli are distracted by something entering the bladder

D-Mannose, represented by a tiny machine resembling a cute E coli, enters the bladder

E coli are surprised and confused 

E coli are in love

The E coli detach from the bladder wall and swim towards D-Mannose, which is travelling downwards

 E coli continues to follow D-Mannose

We will see the E coli exiting the bladder with the D-Mannose 

Zooming out to reveal a healthy E coli free bladder 

Thanks to D-Mannose - product to end possibly alongside a D-Mannose mascot



Above are examples of Invisible Artist's animation, these three vary in style and length. These animations will help in determining what sort of animation pure&Me would like Invisible Artists to produce. 

Production: 30 seconds
Post-days: 3 days
Cost: 2.5k

This production will remain a black and white, and the animation will be similar to the FLYdocs examples. 

Production: 45 seconds
Post-days: 4 days
Cost: 3k

This animation will will be similar to FLYdocs but colour will be added and the animation will be more vibrant. 

It will flow much smoother but will not have the 3D aspect that gives the animation depth. 

Production: 60 seconds
Post-days: 7 days
Cost: 5k

Finally this animation will be vibrant colours and objects will have animation sound added to them. The hearts will burst and reappear and noise will be added to the E coli and D-Mannose. 

This animation will have more of a 3D aspect to it as well so the objects stand out more and they become more defined. 


Thank you

Please contact Sam Marchant to discuss the concept further:

07528 526 510 


Some of our Health Films