Invisible Artists
Brand Motion Design



Spotify has millions of users. No surprise. Music is our life too. This means there’s a huge captive audience just waiting for brands to plug in to.

It’s why Spotify regularly likes to showcase their ad tools, solutions and insights for brands in a really visual way. That's where we come in.

The aim of their brief was to show how their non-premium users receive ads, and how it all happens in a natural way – ads that fit the mood or moment related to the music users are listening too.


In key moments of the year, Spotify communicates this to brands to demonstrate that their platform will reach the right audience. The aim is clear: to make lots of juicy facts digestible, relevant and persuasive.

We blend brand tone, look and feel, data, main messages and whip it all up into a visually stunning, brand infographic - animated or laid out - that ticks all their shareability criteria. Everything needed to persuade brands to advertise on the platform.