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Understand, Challenge and Create.

Invisible Artists is a visual communications company finding solutions for clients through video, design and animation. 

We get to know you, we get to know your brand. We challenge you to do more, to take a leap - to help us tackle this brief from all angles. 

We visualise and bring projects to life. We provide vision, design excellence and high quality service. We are visual storytellers. Content is mobile and more intimate than ever before. We understand how to beautifully design, elegantly craft and pragmatically execute content that delivers emotional, desirable and effective connections between brands and consumers.

One Barangaroo

Project Highlight:
One Barangaroo

We're incredibly proud of the team over the last few months to help produce a film that will define the Sydney Skyline for generations.

It was a non-stop production schedule for Crown Group taking the team lead by Michael Boswell to New York City, London, Singapore, Bali, Sydney & Melbourne.

A combination of content for sales teams, social media and POS to meet their final objective - residential sales. Take a look at the final here.

An extension to your team

We go beyond the brief. Understand it, see how we make it better bigger, more efficient, meet goals and objectives.

Take a look at some of our engaging video and animation projects below;


Project Highlight:



This is our latest animation piece, one that the team is most proud of, a fun, vibrant and dynamic film for our friends at Diligent.

The guys had a great time designing and animating over 35 characters in the film, and combining animation techniques such as traditional 2D, 3D and cel.