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It all starts with a great brief

Each day, Invisible Artists receives requests. Big, small and everything in between. 




Our culture and core values begin with helping to improve the quality of our agency and clients' visual communications. When we respond to requests & enquiries, we start the journey of education to help impart the years of experience the IA crew have.

The best place to start is with a really solid brief, both from client and internally to IA's creatives on staff. We will collectively produce examples of recent and relevant work to help guide us closer towards knowing what the possible output might arrive at.


Motion Design & Animation Reel


Simple design, detailed communications

Client: Switch Health Festival
Project: Cure Cancer research
Cost: $10k

Client: EP&T
Project: Corporate Branding
Cost: $7k

Client: Fox / MCN Multiply
Project: Landmark - New platform technology
Cost: $18k

Client: UBank (through The Monkeys)
Project: Annual Update Animation
Cost: $25k

Client: Short Film
Project: Loop de Loop festival
Cost: $10k

Client: Allergen (through Edelman)
Project: Internal Annual General Meeting
Cost: $20k


Visually appealing, Mid-Range & non-commercial

Client: Cast Metals Institution UK
Project: Recruitment Short Film
Cost: $20k

Client: Denstu Australia
Project: Brand Launch
Cost: $30k

Client: Bing
Project: UK Re-Brand
Cost: $20k


High End 3D Commercial


Client: Virgin Media
Project: Promotial Br
Cost: $35.5k

Client: Unilever - Persil (Skip)
Project: European TV advert (Realflow 3D)
Cost: $55k

Client: GE
Project: Lighting Reinvented TVC
Cost: $31k


Work we admire & are capable of producing


Thank you

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