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Brittian Opticians



Brittain Opticians would like to create engaging video content to help boost sales. Creating something using strong narrative, Brittain Opticians would like the piece to sit on their website and social sites. 


This concept is to show everybody the care and process Brittain Opticians customers receive, however the tone will be light, witty and the overall concept will aim to have this video stand out from the crowd. 

The narrative will follow a customer with bad eyesight taking an eye test at Brittain Opticians. The film will be shot from the point of view of the customer, therefore the film will start off ever so slightly tainted as if it were a customers bad eyesight. 

The film will see a customer leave their home in Harborne and arrive at Brittain Opticians where they will be greeted by a member of staff and taken through the eye test process.

This process will show the care, friendliness and professionalism of the staff at Brittain Opticians, highlighting the personal care you receive from the moment you walk in, right the way through to the finished product.

After the customer has been taken through the eye test they will then be fitted with a brand new pair of glasses which will correct the client's eyesight and in turn, the camera will focus. 

Whilst filming on site, we would also capture general footage of Harbourne high street and Brittain Opticians for potential use at a later date.


Point of View

Using the camera from a point of view perspective is a great way to help put an audience in somebody else's shoes. It also gives the impression that the audience is experiencing things first hand, which and exciting feeling. 

Below are some examples of point of view to give you an idea of what we can create. There is also an eye test video which we could incorporate into a point of view perspective.


Thank you

Please contact Sam Marchant to discuss the concept further:
07528 526 510 


Examples of our work

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