Invisible Artists
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Why Invisible Artists?

"When visual art is well-practiced, a viewer can become so engaged that they are not aware of the creator's work"
Dan Day - Founder of Invisible Artists

Dan Day - Founder of Invisible Artists

In 2011, I founded IA because I believed in building a space where like-minded, creative people could thrive doing work they loved, be paid fairly and be given satisfaction in knowing they create something different every day.

Invisible Artists creates visually rich and beautifully designed stories. We use animation & visual effects to collaborate with clients from concept to delivery, producing work that stands out, is elegant and different.

From our Singapore HQ and offices in Sydney, London and Dubai, our 16+ core staff and a host of awesome suppliers work with a unique list of clients for their across-the-line digital content, commercial, and interactive needs. Our clients include Facebook, P&G, Bacardi, Canon, Virgin, Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridgeclimb.


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