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Helping Fanta connect with Teens


Thanks for all your work on this, the videos look fantastic!”

Steph Chng, Social Media Manager, Coca-Cola South Pacific


When Fanta was ready to launch their latest product Fanta Jelly Fizz, they couldn’t let the hype fizzle out! Realising that it wasn’t achieving the attention they wanted from their target demographic, teenagers, Fanta needed to build some street cred and get their name out there.

With the insight that teens love to co-create with brands and people they love, Fanta approached us to help promote their commitment to engaging with teens in the way they enjoy. They wanted our ads to be fun. Engaging. Cool. Right up our street!


Teens Submitted Over 7000 Designs



Pi Langford, Social Media Content Producer, Coca-Cola South Pacific


Our Creations Helped Contribute to 2.5 Million Engagements of the Campaign


Swell like Teen Spirit

We crafted a colourful, personality driven visual treatment, always on brand, that would appeal to a younger audience. The 3D animations were quirky and had real fizz (bun intended), plus Fanta even wanted to get our board designs made for real!


Making Waves

The ads drove thousands of teens to the Fanta site to create their own unique blend of designs for skateboards and surfboards. They loved playing with the infinite combinations of designs and generating their own unique look. Overall, the campaign was a success and our creations helped contribute to the highest sales boost Fanta had seen in years! Happy client. Yippee-IA.


Still Fizzing

We also helped Fanta create a humorous video with teen influencer Jackson Brazier, showing his followers how to properly drink and enjoy a Fanta Jelly.

(Yes, Jelly).