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Getting mean and making noise with KIA


The new KIA Cerato GT is known for its uniquely 'mean' sounding engine exhaust. KIA is also known for its sponsorship of major NRL and AFL football teams in Australia. So what better way to advertise the Cerato GT than by combining the players and fans of the two clubs doing their best impressions of the iconic sounds.

We worked directly with KIA to create the campaign, starting with two hero spots for stadiums and TV, which then rolled out to social content and secondary assets to extend the campaign.

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“You guys have nailed it!

Elise Hull, Event and Sponsorship Coordinator, KIA


Driving Engagement

Once the hero films were signed off, our team developed a range of social deliverables, all using existing assets from the shoot. From straight cutdowns, to bloopers, it was all about engagement online. Our favourites were the ‘play-off’ series, where we used two players making the same noises to compete against each other, allowing viewers to vote on insta for their favourite!


Thousands engaged on social media with overwhelming positivity