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Transforming leftovers with OzHarvest and Facebook


Transforming leftovers with OzHarvest and Facebook


“The team at Invisible Artists are a bunch of pros 😉”

Andy Simpson, Head of Creative Shop, Facebook ANZ


If you love food, if you rely on leftovers to get through the week, if you think that wasting food is bad, then this campaign is for you! Introducing OzHarvest's #LeftoverMakeover, an initiative that inspires people to transform their leftovers into creative meals, all in the name of preventing food waste.

Working with Facebook Creative Shop, we brought the campaign to life with a series of videos for Instagram Stories, each featuring a well-known chef turning their leftovers into a mouth-watering dish.


13 Tonnes of Holiday Leftovers Rescued


“Hey team – the shoot was really easy, and you were all a super lovely bunch of dudes. Thanks for being so accommodating with the last minute requests also”

Ashley Killeen, Head of Marketing and Communications, OzHarvest


We connected 20 Celebrity Chefs with Over Half A Million Australians


Hitting Feeds

The campaign kicked off on Instagram stories, with OzHarvest CEO Ronni Kahn throwing down the gauntlet to celebrity chefs, challenging them to get creative with their leftovers. From tagliatelle to toasties, each chef weaved their magic before throwing the gauntlet down to their friends to also get involved, sparking a chain reaction of #LeftoverMakeovers. And yes, all the dishes did taste as good as they look!


GIFs that Keep On Giving

Once the initial wave of makeovers went live, we drove the message home with targeted Boomerangs that coincided with times that leftover food would be expiring. Optimised for Facebook, these eye-catching GIFs were fun and engaging, and most importantly, kept the #LeftoverMakeover campaign at front of mind.


Making the Message Stick

It was essential that our content appeared as natural as possible in the context of Instagram stories. After all, we wanted everyday people to feel that they could get involved and do their own #LeftoverMakeover.

To achieve this, we designed and animated a custom set of Insta stickers. We embedded the pack throughout the video content as well as making the stickers available on Insta stories for the public to use in their own makeovers.