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If a property is built, and no film is made, does that property actually exist?”

One Barangaroo

One Barangaroo. Wow. Or rather, WOW. This architectural wonder is a truly majestic addition to the Sydney skyline. So, how do you tell the story of such grandeur in a way that’s easily digestible for a global audience? It had to be film.

Working closely with our friends at Wordsearch, our vision was to bring the international scale, interior design, and sheer ambition of One Barangaroo into focus. We weaved this new landmark’s rich narrative in all its fascinating detail by bringing together the architect’s vision, the investors, the amazing imagination and passion of everyone that will bring it to life.

Frasers Property Australia

For over 5 years, our team at Invisible Artists has been working closely with Frasers Property Australia to create beautifully crafted property films for a variety of buildings in the Central Park precinct. The precinct in Sydney has burst to life over the past few years, featuring some of the most eye-catching and innovative buildings in the world, including the eco-award winning ONE Central Park.

Frasers Property Australia first approached Invisible Artists in 2013 to produce material for the opening of ONE Central Park, and we’ve been a trusted partner ever since. Over the years we’ve been involved in creating launch films, display suite material, large retail screen videos and social media content for ONE Central Park, DUO, Connor and the retail precinct. Our work has been integral in forming the visual tapestry that’s sewn through the Central Park family, giving FPA a vast array of assets to aid in selling and promoting all the apartments in the network.

King & Phillip

An exclusive residential property in the heart of Sydney’s CBD is a rare gem, so we were pumped to be able to tell the story through film. Our challenge was to mesh the high-end character of the building with the environmental setting, and to paint a picture of CBD lifestyle.

To do this, we told the story through the voices of power architect couple Richard Francis-Jones & Lina Sjögren. Our video combined themes based around the golden ratio, nature and culture, mixed with beautiful location shots around Sydney, culminating in a gorgeous, serene depiction of what King & Phillip represents.


We’ve been working with global real-estate superpower, JLL, to provide campaigns across a wide range of sectors within their business. Our partnership with JLL has grown, and we now work with multiple, different teams within the business to provide high quality video content and animation covering a range of topics such as PropTech, building management, Data and technology.

Green Republic

Waterloo is a burgeoning part of Sydney, known for its coffee and food culture, shopping and bohemian vibes. Our mission was to create an eye-catching film for Green Republic that still maintained the flavour of the area.

Our idea was to use only bold supers to carry the story, and to keep everything black and white except for key highlights of green. We covered the area extensively with a mix of constructed scenes with talent and natural location shots.

The result? a bold, dynamic, not-your-average property film!

One The Waterfront

Located on the sparkling Parramatta river, Wentworth Point is an exclusive hideaway suburb of Sydney - and One The Waterfront is a brand new property situated right on the water.

Our mission was to capture the lifestyle of the area from sunrise to sunset, covering a range of locations and scenarios. After multiple attempts at the perfect sunrise, the weather finally permitted and we were able to lock in some spectacular morning shots by the water.

Granville Place

Granville has an unfair stigma, being situated in Sydney’s West, it’s not often thought of as a desirable place to live. Our challenge was to create a film that would sell Granville to overseas investors, and rightly depict the area as an up and coming place to live.

So, to depict the vitality of the area, we chose to use a dynamic camera move technique, with flowing transitions that melted each scene into the next. We didn’t have to try too hard, as the area is a thriving hub of culture, food and activity, and our film reflects the new Granville that the Urban Village represents.

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